Real Estate Damages, 3rd Edition

Written by Randall Bell, PhD, MAI

Most real estate economists and appraisers will be asked to value property subject to detrimental conditions at some point in their careers. The unique problems that arise in these complex valuation situations can be addressed by applying fundamental economic principles and innovative valuation techniques. A comprehensive and valuable resource for all real estate professionals, Real Estate Damages: Applied Economics and Detrimental Conditions, 3rd Edition, provides a straightforward approach to solving these complex valuation problems.

Applications in Litigation Valuation: A Pragmatist's Guide

Randall Bell, PhD, MAI, Contributing Author

Litigation valuation is a fascinating discipline that offers a wide range of opportunities to qualified real property appraisers. Whether you are new to litigation valuation or have experience but want to expand your practice, Applications in Litigation Valuation: A Pragmatist's Guide is for you. The text presents basic instruction on tackling tough valuation assignments and real-world examples of appraisers in action. The book provides an overview of the fundamentals of litigation appraisal beginning with a discussion of the appraiser's engagement, execution of the assignment, and expert testimony.

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Valuating Contaminated Properties: An Appraisal Institute Anthology, Volume II

Randall Bell, PhD, MAI, Contributing Author

Properties impacted by contamination raise challenging appraisal issues. To ensure competence and meet appraisal standards, practitioners must understand the history and development of widely recognized and generally accepted methods for handling these challenging appraisal assignments. Valuing Contaminated Properties: An Appraisal Institute Anthology, Volume II, includes significant articles, seminar material, and professional guidelines on the topic published since 2002, when the first volume of the series was released. Using this collection curated by an appraisal expert, practitioners can become well-versed in all the recent trends regarding contaminated properties, including: the accepted understanding that contamination's impact on value is largely temporary; the shifting focus from appraising industrial and commercial source sites to appraising residential properties affected by contamination; the increased availability of online sales data and the new emphasis on using more market data in contamination assignments.


The Appraisal of Real Estate, 14th Edition

Randall Bell, PhD, MAI, Contributing Author

The 14th edition of The Appraisal of Real Estate reflects a new commitment to the essential principles of appraisal and the sound application of recognized valuation methods that have sustained real estate appraisers in good times and bad. The new edition features: more discussion of scope of work, client communication, data standards, and related issues; increased emphasis on the fundamentals of statistical analysis and the central role that descriptive statistics plays in market analysis, highest and best use analysis, and the application of the three approaches to value; expanded coverage of topics introduced in the 13th edition such as green building, advances in information technology, and the use of AVMs; a clearer, more rigorous exploration of the market analysis process and a more concise discussion of highest and best use analysis; more background on the continuing evolution of US and international appraisal standards. The 14th edition of The Appraisal of Real Estate builds on past editions and examines the changing role of real estate appraisers in the larger business community.



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