Landmark Research Group, LLC is an advisory firm specializing in real estate economics, property valuation, eminent domain, real estate damage, litigation support, negotiation, and strategy. Our mission is to be the world’s foremost scholars and practitioners in the field of real estate damage economics.

Annually, property damages total over $50 billion. Additionally, many frivolous legal claims overstate these damages. We utilize advanced methodologies to determine what impact, if any, detrimental conditions have on value. 

The Landmark team has worked on hundreds of cases nationally and internationally. These include diminution in value, class-action lawsuits, real estate fraud, statistical regressions, environmental contamination, construction defects, title defects, eminent domain, geotechnical issues, natural disasters, and so forth. 

Our clients include government agencies, oil, insurance, and utility companies, corporations, developers, lenders, and property owners. Our cases range from single homes to entire neighborhoods destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Sites, the World Trade Center, and Flight 93 Crash Site, the largest natural, environmental and terrorist cases in history.

Other cases include the BP Oil Spill, Sgt. Yokoi Cave in Guam, Talum Mexico Resort, Northridge Earthquake, Hollywood Boulevard Sinkhole, LA Riots, Heaven’s Gate mass suicide mansion, as well as the OJ Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey crime scenes. Research has taken us from Chernobyl to Hiroshima and scientific outposts in Antarctica.

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